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Sanders Graduate Student Awards
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The annual Sanders Graduate Student Awards are three prizes awarded to each of the three best papers in mind, metaphysics, epistemology, or ethics submitted for the annual APA Eastern Division meeting by graduate students, as chosen by the Eastern Division program committee. This prize is funded through the generosity of the Marc Sanders Foundation.


Frequency: Annual

Amount: $1,000 each. (The prizes will be in addition to the travel funds independently advanced to graduate students by the APA.)

The winning graduate students will be presented with their awards at the prize reception during the annual APA Eastern Division meeting. Winners will be asked by the APA to submit their photographs, CVs, and talk abstracts to the APA for use by the APA and the Marc Sanders Foundation in publicizing the awards.

Previous Awardees


  • Maria Altepeter (Washington University in St. Louis), “The Focus of Virtue: Broadening Attention in Empirically Informed Accounts of Virtue Cultivation”
  • Jesse D. Lopes (Boston University), “Cognitive Science and Phenomenology: Husserl's Computational Theory of Mind”
  • Alexandra T. Romanyshyn (Saint Louis University), “Agency and the Self: Insights from Schizophrenia Research”


  • Matt Leonard (University of Southern California), for “On the Contingency and Vagueness of Where I Am”
  • Julius Schoenherr (University of Maryland, College Park), for “When Forgiveness Comes Easy”
  • Alison Springle (University of Pittsburgh), for “On What Else Perceptual Representation Could Be”


  • Ethan Jerzak (University of California, Berkeley), for “Two Ways to Want?”
  • Rima Basu (University of Southern California), for “Moral Encroachment”
  • James Kintz (Saint Louis University), for “Social Interactions, Aristotelian Powers, and the Ontology of the I-You Relation”


  • William D'Alessandro (University of Illinois at Chicago), for "Grounding, Dependence, and Mathematical Explanation"
  • John Phillips (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), for "Doxastic Options and the Viability of Epistemic Utility Theory"
  • Nicholas Rimell (University of Virginia), for "Sex, Deception, and Will"


  • Joshua Brandt (University of Toronto) for “Partialit's Negative Analogue”
  • Kevin Dorst (MIT) for “A Contextualist Solution to Miner Disagreements”
  • Matthew Shields (Georgetown University) for “Can Reality Be Resisted? The Limits of Haslanger's Account of Social Construction”


  • Brian Collins (University of Iowa), “A Political Interpretation of Aristotle’s Ethics”
  • Kevin Houser (Indiana University–Bloomington), “Empathy Re-Moralized”
  • Mark Makin (University of California, Irvine), “Rigid/Generic Grounding and Transitivity”
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