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Sanders Lecture
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The Sanders Lecture is presented annually at a divisional meeting of the APA on a topic in philosophy of mind, metaphysics, or epistemology that engages the analytic tradition.


The Sanders Lecturer is selected by a committee appointed by the chair of the APA’s committee on lectures, publications, and research, in consultation with LPR committee members. Eligibility for this prize is limited to APA members. Currently serving members of the LPR committee and the APA board of officers are not eligible for the prize.

Members of the selection committee will normally be members of the LPR although additional members may be selected based on their expertise in the fields of philosophy of mind, analytic metaphysics, and/or analytic epistemology. Membership on the Sanders Lecture selection committee will rotate so that no single person serves for longer than two years. The selection of the lecturer must be ratified by the entire LPR.


Frequency: Annual

Amount: $3,500 plus travel costs not to exceed $1,500.

The Sanders Lecture is published in the Proceedings and Addresses.


The annual Sanders Lecture was established in 2013 to honor a distinguished scholar in philosophy of mind, metaphysics, or epistemology who engages the analytic tradition. It is generously funded by the Marc Sanders Foundation.

Previous Awardees


Tyler Burge (UCLA) - Eastern


David Chalmers (New York University) - Pacific


Timothy Williamson (New College, Oxford) - Central


David Christensen (Brown University) - Eastern


Louise Antony (University of Massachusetts Amherst) - Pacific


Ned Block (New York University) - Central 


William Lycan (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) - Eastern


Terry Horgan (University of Arizona) - Pacific

Note: Already published Sanders lectures are currently available to APA members on our website. Sign-in is required to download the files. Additional Sanders lectures will be added as they are published in the APA Proceedings and Addresses.

Sanders Lectures

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